Sunday, 2 July 2017

I survived!

First week behind in London ! And I've just been sick..when I came here last Monday, I noticed those huge and itchy spots in my face, so I went to see the doctor. Chicken pox. I had chicken pox, and of course right when I had come back here. So this week went by just laying in the bed, and watching the Vampire Diaries. Thank God, I'm feeling a lot of better now, but still not health yet.. Now I have ophthalmitis. But getting better day by day !

Now when I officially live here in London, I need to find a flat, and a job here. I'm actually looking for single room, 'cause they are a lot of cheaper. Going to see couple of rooms next week.
Also the job thing. I was supposed to go to ask for jobs in different cafes, restaurants and pubs when I came back, but obviously couldn't do that with the chicken pox. So I have to it this week, when I'll be fully healed. And yea, I've been working in the restaurant field in Finland, so I was thinking about to do the same jobs in here too, at least for now.

I just really hope the next week will be better, this has been like the worst of my entire life ! Just laying in the bed every day, trying to avoid other people, so no one wouldn't get terrible. And my face looks absolutely horrible right now, thanks to the rash, but I really hope it'll get better ! Make up helps to hide the worst ;)

Have a lovely week everyone !

Tiia Maria

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